Trial Class for 6-12 years old


 Good news!!! Global Academic is inviting your kids (6-12 years old) for a TRIAL CLASS.

 Kids English Class NOW: RM20 (Normal fee is RM50/ session)

(Join us for 2 hours, experience the fun ways of learning English, improve the confidence in phonics, speaking, reading, listening and writing skills!)

 Math Olympiad #NOW : RM130 one month TRIAL (Normal fee is RM150 /month)

(Problem solving maths, critical thinking skills, logical thinking skills and analysis skills.

Please come and join us, free assessment will be provided. Hurry up, don’t miss this opportunity!

016-711 6488 Ms Teow
012-799 6882 Ms Lim

好消息 启程教育学院欢迎6岁~12岁小学生,提升英语沟通或数学思维推理能力!


<3 儿童英语班(2小时)#特价RM20 (原价RM50):掌握国际英语的-听,说,读,写,发音,project and presentation, 互动能力!

<3 奥数班 (1个月)#RM130 (原价 RM150):应用题技巧,思维技巧,分析能力,逻辑推算,观察技巧,趣味的教学方式让学生们更容易掌握解题方法!

<3 有意报名者欢迎联系负责人以了解详情~
016-711 6488 Ms Teow
012-799 6882 Ms Lim


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