Young Learners English 儿童国际英语班

Young Learners English 儿童国际英语班

The best time to learn a new language is before adolescence. At this time, children’s minds are like sponges, so they can learn at a faster pace. With this in mind, Global Academic (GA) has designed a course to help children to widen their knowledge, polish their English language skills, and gain confidence to master English.

Young Learners course is designed for students between 5 to12 years old. GA Young Learner course is aimed in helping students to acquire the five essential skills, including listening, reading, writing,speaking & phonics!


只要你是5-12岁的小学生,华小,国际学校,幼稚园 都可以报读。

  • 我们提供全英语教学
  • 阅读故事,游戏学习
  • 手工制作,演讲训练
  • 听讲读写技巧
  • 互动及多媒体应用教学
  • 报告练习


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